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A foreign monarch has landed on our shores

In welcoming Elizabeth II, Queen of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (incidentally also the name of my favourite doo wop group), prime minister Stephen Harper made the interesting claim that the queen had visited Canada more times than any other Commonwealth country.  Now the key words here are “visited,” “more times” and “Commonwealth country.”  So let’s review a couple facts:

  • There are 54 Commonwealth countries, 16 of which have Elizabeth II as there head of state
  • The United Kingdom (UK) is most definitely a Commonwealth country
  • The reigning Duke of Normandy has travelled to and spent far more time in the UK than in Canada
  • One does not visit one’s home but rather returns to it after visiting other places

In order for Mr. Harper’s comments to be true the UK must be considered the home of the former queen of Pakistan and thus not a place she can “visit.”  In turn since she does “visit” Canada then this country must not be considered her home.  Therefore, Elizabeth II, Paramount Chief of Fiji is indeed a foreign monarch.

All that being said, the Lord of Mann does speak fluent French so I’ll give her kudos for that.

The Poor Palestinian People

On the 24th of June, 1948, the Soviet Union, then the occupying power of what would become known as East Germany began a full blockade of the three sectors of Berlin soon to become known as West Berlin. The Soviets were sure the Western Powers would soon give up and they’d have hold of all Berlin in no time.

But that’s not what happened.  Flying over 200,000 flights for a period of nearly a year the RAF and the USAF brought vital supplies to the 2.5 million civilians of West Berlin.

The dwellers of Gaza have no such guardian angels. Of course, the Berliners weren’t firing rockets at anyone.  But I don’t think you can necessarily blame the average Gazan for that.  True, they voted the terrorists into government but to me that’s just a sign of a truly lousy education system.

You won’t hear it in the news but Egypt, that’s the Arab Republic of Egypt has also kept a blockade of the Gaza Strip since 2007, seemingly with the full blessing of the Arab League.  This is the same Arab League that kicked Egypt out in 1979 for merely acknowledging Israel.

You see, the Arab world hates Hamas even more than the West does: they’re deathly afraid the religious crazies in their own countries will take power.

Hamas themselves have become the new Tamil Tigers in that their hunger for power has displaced any ideology they once might have had.

The West doesn’t care because there is no money to be made in Palestine.

The Third World has their own shit to deal with.

And finally the international activists are more interested in getting attention and ridiculing Israel which is why they never take Egypt or Syria or Hamas to task.

So when you break it all down nobody cares.  Those poor Palestinian people.  God help them… because no one else will.