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The Norwegian Nobel Committee Redeems Itself… Somewhat

On the 8th of October it was revealed that this year’s Nobel Peace Prize would be awarded to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo.  Since the award was first given out in 1901, China has undergone massive change.  Widespread unrest led to the overthrow of the 2000+ year old empire and the institution of a republican government.  The ensuing power vaccuum led to the rise of warlords and the country was only unified in 1928.  Soon after that civil war broke out, followed by Japanese invasion, followed by more civil war resulting in communist takeover of the country. The Nationalists retreat to Taiwan ultimately introducing democracy in the 1990s.

Formal organizations like the Tongmenghui (later the Kuomintang) and the Democracy Party; and loose groupings that emerged from the New Culture, May 4, May 30 and Tangwai movements, the Democracy Wall, the Tiananmen square protests, etc. produced many worthy peacemakers.  And so here is the complete list of Chinese Nobel Peace Prize laureates:

Liu Xiaobo.

…Well, better late than never I suppose.

Some other possibilities/missed opportunities:
Sun Yat?sen
V. K. Wellington Koo
Y. C. James Yen
Elsie Tu
Wei Jingsheng
Shih Ming?teh
Hu Jia

Here’s hoping that this decade of prizes won’t be as terrible as the last one.